AUTOJAPPA is one of the leading and largest dealership groups in Japan, with over massive turnout in revenue and 10 independently operated dealerships. The ethos at AUTOJAPPA unchanged: all our cars are coach built and subjected to continual development in order to meet current standards of safety and to offer the responsive thoroughbred performance. AUTOJAPPA has become famous the world over for their unique blend of charisma, quality materials, craftsmanship and performance in the automobile industry.

AUTOJAPPA pursues a strategic vision of operational excellence and disciplined acquisition growth, consistent with the business model the company has pursued for the last 13 years. Through the thoughtful integration of every touchstone, we provide the forward motion, peripheral awareness and sustained focus needed to recognize and act upon opportunities to grow and prosper in a dynamic business environment. With outstanding dealerships operated by local partners and excellent relations with the major auto manufacturers, AUTOJAPPA delivers unusually high volumes at its numerous locations.